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Girl Meets Rainbow
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Girl Meets Rainbow

I was heartened by the exceedingly successful Kickstarter campaign to resurrect Reading Rainbow, which will help bring a new version of the early-literacy television program back to solvency and into classrooms to foster a love of reading in today’s children. But this article from Caitlin Dewey at the Washington Post gave me pause: “Crowdfunding is theoretically supposed to … Continue reading


I Can SLQ, Can You?

It’s that time again: the Simba Life Quarterly is coming back for another go in its second issue, set to publish on June 19. This issue is taking on a kind of meta-theme of words about words themselves. We’ll have two author interviews about their writing process and inspiration, books reviews, poetry, a fable, and a rather bookish manifesto … Continue reading


At the shore on a Monday

At the shore on a Monday seagulls with orange beaks, fighting against the wind, whip up and down the line, a boustrophedon parade— the waves shoving their way to shore. Jimmy Eat World’s “Futures” beckons them to me, scoring the ever-forward push of all creation. It is all connected. It is all connected now. Whatever … Continue reading