The Simba Life is a website and digital magazine edited by Chad Comello and comprised of the work of many other contributors.

This site, originally created in October 2006 as Chad’s personal web-log, gets its name from one of Chad’s many redhead-themed nicknames. But it was also inspired by a scene in The Lion King where Simba (which is Swahili for lion), having fled his homeland and lived aimlessly in the wilderness, refuses to return home to fight for his family and accept his life’s calling—mostly out of fear of his past and of the unknown. He finally gets a shot in the arm from Rafiki, the kooky but wise baboon. “The way I see it,” he tells Simba, “you can either run from it or learn from it.”

You can find previous issues and background info here. Initially published quarterly but now an ongoing affair, The Simba Life accepts submissions, comments, and terrible puns at thesimbalife@gmail.com.